Žena - Slovak contemporary female artists

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4 to16 December 2013
The Brick Lane Gallery (Annexe)

Dovičáková Lucia
Kubániová Barbara
Sabová - Džuppová Jarmila
Žáková Vlasta

Curator: Sikorová - Putišová Mira

This exhibition presents the best of contemporary Slovak visual art. It is a unique opportunity to see the art of the younger generation from the Slovak art scene.
The four featured artists have all successfully established themselves in Central Europe, each of them uniquely reflecting the world around them – both its past and its present, but also with a sense of the future. This reflection also has an undeniable influence on their own inner worlds: sculpting both their view of life around them and of themselves.
This female observation unmasks the real face of consumerism and shallowness that infiltrates not only human relationships, but also the intimate life of each of us. Beyond the universal themes of young women living night life, and the experience of motherhood, the art pieces also contain specific Slovak elements: motifs from folk art; needlework instead of painting; framing traditional Slovak village life from an unusual point of view; and observations of everyday life in a typical Slovak town.
Sandra Kubániová